FlyBair announces 1st flights from Bern and Sion to Mallorca on July 18

FlyBair, a Swiss start-up airline based at Bern Airport has announced that its 1st 2 flights will take place on the 18th of July, from Bern to Mallorca and from Sion (a city in the southern Swiss canton of Valais) to Mallorca. The airline originally planned to have its maiden flights in mid-may but Covid prevented that. José González, CEO of FlyBair, has declared: “All the people behind this project, my team and I have been looking forward to the maiden flight for months. It is the result of hard work. Now we can celebrate in two Swiss regions, in German and in French.” Although FlyBair also planned to fly to Olbia (a city in Sardinia) this summer, it decided that it wouldn’t. This doesn’t mean that the route has been cancelled, it just means that it has been delayed. Great news for Switzerland… let’s just hope FlyBair doesn’t go bust too quickly! 12th of June 2020.

A possible comeback for the Swiss aviation industry?

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