Second British Airways Boeing 777 makes final flight from Heathrow Airport

British Airways aircraft G-ZZZB (a Boeing 777-200) has joined G-ZZZA in St Athan, Southern Wales. The aircraft made a 35 minute flight from Heathrow Airport to St Athan, during which it flew over the Severn estuary. Other aircraft have been flown to Kemble, in the Cotswolds, to have their engines removed and to be scrapped and dismantled by Air Salvage International. Currently, 4 aircraft have been sent to Kemble, all of them Boeing 747s. 2 other British Airways Boeing 777s have been retired this year, one of which (G-ZZZC), has been scrapped. British Airways’ Boeing 777 fleet has an average age of 17.8 years, with 55 still in service and 6 retired. 30th of August 2020.

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