LATAM Argentina has ceased operations

On the 17th of June, LATAM Argentina, a subsidiary of LATAM, ceased operations due to the dangerous impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry. This still comes as a shock, as LATAM is the biggest airline in South America. Just one month ago, Avianca Peru was also liquidated, making LATAM Argentina the 3rd airline in South America to have ceased operations this year. LATAM has been the center of attention recently, after leaving Oneworld (one of the 3 major airline alliances) on the 1st of May. On top of this, Delta acquired a 20% stake in the airline in January and CEO Enrique Cueto stepped down at the end of March. This could be a thrilling year in the South American aviation industry. 19th of January 2020.

Despite LATAM Argentina and Avianca Peru having ceased operations, the South American aviation industry looks interesting (I wouldn’t invest in it, though).

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