Southwest to begin flights from Louisville to Atlanta and Fort Myers

Southwest Airlines will begin non-stop routes from Louisville (State of Kentucky) to Atlanta (State of Georgia) and Fort Myers (State of Florida). The Louisville-Atlanta route will launch on the 4th of November whereas the Louisville-Fort Myers route will commence on the 23rd of November. The Louisville-Atlanta route will be operated 2 times a day by a Boeing 737 with a maximum seating of 175 passengers, which probably indicates the use of a 737-800 or MAX 8. Less precisions are known about the Louisville-Fort Myers route. The 2 new routes will be Southwest’s 11th and 12th destinations from Louisville after Phoenix (State of Arizona), Tampa (State of Florida), Baltimore (State of Maryland), Chicago (State of Illinois), Dallas (State of Texas), Denver (State of Colorado), Houston (State of Texas), Las Vegas (State of Nevada), Orlando (State of Florida) and Fort Lauderdale (State of Florida). 5th of October 2020.

Southwest Airlines Will Begin Flights To Hawaii In 2018 - DWYM

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