IADA Dealers see move upwards in June-July aircraft sales

Dealers belonging to the IADA (International Aircraft Dealers Association) have reported a move upwards in June-July preowned business airplane sales. Dealers completed a total of 177 transactions in the June-July period in comparison to 100 in the April-May period. On top of this, the number of aircraft sales that fell apart went down from 38 in the April-May period, to 27 in June-July. IADA executive director Wayne Starling has announced: “Our dealers reported exceptionally brisk activity in June and July after a protracted period in March, April, and May where the deals were much harder to put together”. During the June-July period, IAdA dealers experienced a total of 19 new commitments to purchase aircraft and 52 acquisition agreements. Over the past 4 months, IADA dealers are claimed to have sold 217 aircraft. 26th of August 2020.


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